"A measurement process is in a state of statistical control if the resulting observations from the process, when collected under any fixed experimental conditions within the scope of the a priori well-defined conditions of the measurement process, behave like random drawings from some fixed distribution with fixed location [mean] and fixed scale [standard deviation] parameters."


Belanger, Brian, Measurement Assurance Programs: Part I - Introduction, NBS SP 676-I, May 1984


Uncertainty Quantification for Simulation Databases
The Ares Uncertainty Quantification team at NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) is working to identify and quantify the uncertainties associated with wind tunnel measurements, CFD computations and other data products. The team's primary focus has been to robustly identify and quantify the errors associated with each component of the aerodynamic simulation database and combine the errors appropriately. 1-3 Properly combining uncertainties from numerous data sources results in more precise error bounds on the overall database thus assisting guidance and control engineers in the design of vehicle control laws.


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