ViGYAN's Low Speed Wind Tunnel


Designed and built in-house, ViGYAN's Low Speed Wind Tunnel is located at our main ViGYAN business site in Hampton, Virginia, in the Aero-Fluids Laboratory building behind our offices in the Langley Research and Development Park. The low-speed, open-return-design tunnel has been in operation since 1988, serving the aerodynamic testing requirements of government agencies and commercial customers, in addition to supporting ViGYAN's own on-going, internal research and development.


The facility has recently undergone a major renovation of its model-support, electronics, and data-acquisition systems. The Tunnel's state-of-the-art, automated systems provide excellent force and moment, pressure and flow-visualization capabilities.


Facility staffing includes engineers, model builders and technicians, model systems engineers, and instrumentation/data acquisition and reduction specialists.


ViGYAN Low Speed Wind Tunnel
Test Section Size 3 x 4 ft.
Speed 25 - 120 mph
Reynolds Number .2 to 1.1 x 106
Mach .035 to .157
Pressure Atmosphere
Test Gas Air


For experiments requiring test conditions or model sizes not suited to the ViGYAN Wind Tunnel, ViGYAN also has access to a number of NASA Langley Research Center wind tunnels through an existing Space Act Agreement.


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