Marketing & Multimedia Support Services

About ViGYAN's Multimedia Support

Below are the specifics on the primary professional marketing and multimedia capabilities ViGYAN offers to NASA, NASA partners, private industry, and academia.



Graphic Design: Primary Media

Posters, Signage, Displays,  Newsletters, Business Cards, Brochures, Logos, Product Labels, Presentations, Mulit-page Layouts, Templates, Fliers, Flow Charts, CD labels

Website Design & Development: Innovation

I utilize my graphic design experience using Adobe Muse to develop websites. Muse is an innovative and extremely efficient program that is an alternative to traditional HTML coding

Production Design: Description

From conceptualization to final production graphic designs and illustrations must be rendered and setup to utilize the various industry production standards

Digital & Traditional Illustration: Experience

Extensive program knowledge and techniques are used to render digital illustrations. I utilize my traditional illustration training and creativity to enhance this work.

Importance of Multimedia Support


NASA, NASA partners, private industry, and academia are comprised of wide range of professions including engineers, scientist, researchers, business managers and many more  that support various missions, projects, initiatives, amongst several other areas of business.  These individuals and projects rely on graphic artist capabilities to conceptualize, develop, and manage professional communication material that supports project management, project personnel, partners in academia, partners in private industry. Graphics support for proposal work is extremely valuable to continue to maintain and bring in funding for new initiatives. Providing and maintaining a professional caliber of communication standards is an essential.

Jonathan Behun's Graphic Capabilities & Knowledge


My Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts from VCU is the foundation of my graphic artist capabilities. Knowledge and expertise of advanced art programs is the central tool in providing professional communication material to my NASA clients. The primary art programs include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Muse (web software for graphic designers), which are predominantly used for the development of 2-D graphics. This education and program knowledge, along with creativity, allow me to professionally develop posters, presentations, displays, logos, brochures, fliers, multi-page documents, websites, vehicle markings, mission patches, apparel, technical drawings, certificates, business cards, postcards, cover images, and various other designs and figures. The process begins with conceptualization, then design and/or illustration, followed by managing updates and changes, and finally preparation for production. Throughout the process excellent file management, organization, and attention to detail is essential.





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NASA Langley Centennial

NASA STS-135 - The Final Mission

NASA LaRC FPD Project Series

NASA LaRC FPD Project Time line


NASA Ares I-X Mosaic

NASA Ares I-X Launch

NASA LaRC FPD Projects

NASA LaRC FPD Collage - Fabric Print / Metal Frame

NASA Langley SAGE III / ISS Street Pole Banners

NASA LaRC Orion LAS Exterior Adhesive

NASA LaRC SAGE III / ISS Digital Clock Inserts

NASA LaRC Nameplate

NASA Langley Research Center Flight Projects Directorate (building 1298) Hallway Time Line - Printed Fabric / Metal Frame


Fact Sheets




NASA LaRC MEDLI 2 Fact Sheet

NASA LaRC Orion LAS Fact Sheet

NASA Headquarters Orion Launch Abort System Fact Sheet

THOR Concept of Operations

RaD-X Concept of Operations

Orion EM-1 Data Retrieval

RBI Concept of Operations

NASA LaRC Flight Projects Directorate Quarterly Newsletter

NASA LaRC Flight Projects Directorate Quarterly Newsletter