TetrUSS - Training

The Tetrahedral Unstructured-grid Software System (TetrUSS) is a suite of flow analysis computer programs developed at NASA Langley Research Center. It was written with the goal of providing non-expert users a validated capability for performing rapid aerodynamic analysis and design of complex configurations. Capabilities include rapid grid generation, as well as inviscid and viscous flow analysis. TetrUSS has been applied to a wide range of flow-analysis problems in many fields ranging from aerospace to biomedical.


As the original developer of VGRID (the grid-generation component of TetrUSS), ViGYAN is uniquely qualified to provide training courses on the use of TetrUSS. The 4-day training course includes hands-on tutorials that encompass each aspect of the process, from grid generation to post-processing of the results. Trainees are encouraged to bring geometries representative of the problems they are working on, for rapid application of their newly learned skills. The training sessions are held once a month at our Hampton, Virginia offices. Our FAQ contains more information on TetrUSS training (including course cost, schedule, and enrollment). In addition, feel free to contact us.


ViGYAN also offers additional, ongoing support plans for TetrUSS users. These allow users to avail themselves of ViGYAN's in-house staff of TetrUSS experts for assistance on their specific cases. This also provides users a central point of contact for the latest documentation on TetrUSS. See our support page for information on our support plans.


For more information on TetrUSS, visit the NASA Langley TetrUSS website https://tetruss.larc.nasa.gov. An informational brochure on TetrUSS is also available (below).

VGRID: Tetrhedral Grid Generator


• Thin-layer viscous tetrahedra


• Elliptically smooth grids


• Anisotropic grid stretching on


  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) surfaces

• Robust viscous grid movement


• Solution adaptive inviscid grid


• Easy control of grid spacing


• Robust, easy to use

Sample Navier-Stokes Grid

C-130 with Cargo Release Parachute (grid

independently generated by student at

U.S. Air Force Academy)